Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta make it through

Today i reflected many of the painful experiences in my life. I actually took time out of my "should be doing homework" section of the day and had a Socratic discussion within the boundaries of my mind. I analyzed, reanalyzed, and reanalyzed again the pain that life can provide you with. I realized that in life, you're never going to know what's coming next. Sure you can try to "anticipate" or "think ahead", but that doesn't always work. Sometimes i really do wish i could use those time machines that cartoons portray to be so useful. Once, just once, i would like to know what life is going to come ring my doorbell and provide me with a big snazzy package of pain wrapped perfectly with its little bow on top. At this point in my two way monologue i realized that i can't use a terrific cartoon time machine and that sometimes you just gotta make it through.

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